Where The Magic Happens!!

Here are a few pictures of my workshop and this is where the “Magic” happens.

I am currently getting my shop ready for production of not only Ventriloquist figures, but Radio controlled airplanes and small magical illusion. With my knowledge of radio control equipment, it won’t be long before I make a radio controlled ventriloquist figure. That should be a fun project!

With the summer coming the next thing to do is insulate the workshop so my small window A/C unit won’t be over used and my wallet won’t be over used on paying the electric bill!

I guess the one of the reasons I’m showing my workshop is to show that at one time I had a clean workshop! When I get busy on these projects, it won’t be long before the workshop becomes a big mess! The funny thing is when it’s clean, I can’t find a thing, but when it’s a mess, I know exactly where everything is! I think someone once said, “Disorganization is the sign of a Geniuses!” If that is true, I should be a Genius very soon!!! ;o)
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2 Responses to Where The Magic Happens!!

  1. Bob Conrad says:

    The workshop looks great Mike, I'm jellous.

  2. Kenny Croes says:

    I'm going through the very same thing… getting a new workshop together. So far it's still very un-together, but I'm making progress. Looking forward to the radio-controlled dummies. Now… if you can make them fly, too…. LOL!

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