“My new vent figure created by Mike Palma arrived today. All I can say is…wow! His controls are smooth as butter, the paint job is incredible and his grouchiness is a given! Mike, you did an outstanding job on this guy. I can’t wait to get him into show business…need to get a name first! Thank you!”
Eddie Rackley



“Mike, my ‘Hipster’ arrived today and I’ve been able to get it adjusted and use it with a couple of the characters. I can tell it is going to be a GREAT addition to my “roving” sets. It’s also very cool to see that it can be attached to a mic stand. This a a wonderfully versatile piece of staging equipment. Thanks for the quick service.”
Rick Jenkins, ‘Rick the Roving Ventriloquist’ — www.hijenx.com



“I would like to thank you for creating classic vent figures with modern materials and flawless mechanics. Last year, I ordered “Jersey Joe” and the year prior, “Rocco.” Both figures delight audiences with their character and professional quality. Most of my audiences are children and young adults who are hard to fool and when they hear that I will be using puppets, some of the older kids think it is beneath them! Until I bring out the characters that you created for me. I hope to continue our relationship into the future and I would recommend your products to serious amateurs or professionals.”

Dr. Craig J. Scarpelli
“Igor’s Brain” – A Brain is a Terrible Thing to Waste



“I love the cheeky boy ventriloquist figure I purchased from Mike Palma in 2006. The skill and talent that Mike has shows in the artistry of his figures. The control post and levers are solid, smooth, quiet and easy to operate. The detail to attention of the facial features bring these figures to life with the kind of charm often seen in the figures made by some of the grand masters of figure building.

Once you own a figure made by Mike Palma, you’ll never want to part with it.”

Johnny Watts,
New York City



“You’ve proven to be a fine artist and craftsman. I believe your excellent work ranks highly among today’s best figure makers. I will surely recommend your work! It’s great that you’re contributing your creative skills.”

All the best,
Ken Warren



“I’ve been a professional ventriloquist for over 15 years. During that time, I’ve owned or used ventriloquist figures made by just about every pro maker in the business. I have several very high quality figures in my collection. Mike’s figures are up there with the best I’ve seen. His style is classic yet original and his mechanics, details and paint jobs are top notch. I highly recommend his figures to anyone who wants a high quality figure for their collection or to use in regular performance.”

Jimmy Vee



My wife and i have 2 year old daughter,7 year old son,2 month old daughter who love (Chase)we are so happy with Mike Palma professional made dummy is bringing happiness to family friends and nabiors and even our dog Cirus.

James Stafford



The newest character to join my show’s cast is Landon Orpheus Lindell (L.O.L.) His figure maker is Mike Palma. He is also my first “hard figure” I’ve ever owned. I love his classic look, and the smooth operation of the animations is equal to Selberg figures I’ve been able to see. I’ve done business with Mike twice now and the experience has been great both times. If you’re considering a Palma figure, I certainly recommend his work and his business practices to you! Thanks, Mike!

Rick Jenkins



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