Tedious work ahaed!!

Here’s a little trick I use to get a smooth head and face. I use dark primer paint to cover the head. When the primer dries you can see all the little imperfections that need to be filled and sanded. This is a long and tedious process But well worth the effort when finished!!! I still have a few spots to fill and sand, but he is coming along! Remember, make it as smooth/ flawless as possible before you make your mold and you’ll save a lot of time finishing the head once the head is cast!

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4 Responses to Tedious work ahaed!!

  1. Awesome progress with your dummy!
    I am a ventriloquist fan from hawaii and I have been reaching out to all vents on the web to try and rally them up to go and watch a documentary called "Dumbstruck" that comes out late this month and through out april in select theaters.
    reason why Im doing this campaign by myself even though i am not affiliated with the production company in anyway is because the movie will not play in Hawaii and my hope is that if the film gets a good turn out in each city, perhaps the producers will extend the films tour!
    Anyway…check out the films facebook back to see the trailer for the movie, as well as the cities that it will be playing at!
    Thanks for reading my comment and good luck with everything!

  2. Bob Conrad says:

    Great job of sculpting Mike.

  3. Thank you guys for your kind words! I look forward to Dumbstruck coming out too! Hope you get to see it in Hawaii, Heck I hope I get to see it here in Florida!! LOL

    I'll be sharing some exciting news in the next few days!! Keep checking back to my blog!

    Best Regards,

    Mike Palma

  4. Figured I would stop by and see how things are going!
    Also, just FYI :) I seen that Dumbstruck has a contest going on right now!
    They are giving away an Axtell Bird Puppet!
    Check out the FB page for more details!

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