Starting The Mold Process!!

I have decided to use a silicone rubber mold on this head. This is a two part mixture that once mixed and applied to the head, will make a strong mold. The nice thing about the silicone mold is that you don’t need to use a mold release when casting the head! Nothing should stick to the silicone mold! I have put on one thin coat followed by three more thicker coats.

After the silicone mold has set, the next thing to do is make the mother mold. The mother mold is made to add support to the silicone mold. I am using a plaster cloth wrap to make the two piece mother mold. I like to use the plaster cloth because it is cheap, easy to use and less toxic and messy then other mother mold techniques!

As you can see, I have made the front half first with the plaster wrap. When this dries, I will make the back half.
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2 Responses to Starting The Mold Process!!

  1. ventdog says:

    Hey Mike….

    Looks great!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Deepak Tigga says:

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