Some of my works!!!

Here are just a few of the figures I have made over the years. I have so many pictures of figures I have made, that choosing which ones to put on can be difficult and time consuming!!

The photo to the left is a promo picture I used when performing at an opry house!

This was one of my smaller 35 to 36″ figures. He was a lot of fun to use and I also made him with a midget body for a more comical look!

These two classic boys are made from the same mold, but there are slight differences. Can you spot them?

Before and After!! This was a John Carroll figure that came into the shop for a face lift!

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2 Responses to Some of my works!!!

  1. Kenny Croes says:

    Really nice work, Mike.

  2. Thank you Kenny! It's always nice to hear nice compliments from fellow figure makers! BTW, I really like your work too!

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