Ready For Production!!

Here is Mr. Addison’s head complete and ready to head to the molding and casting room. As you can see t in the pictures, the mouth has been omitted. The mouth will be molded and cast separately.

Mr. Addison will be the second in a small line of figures I will be producing. I’m planning on going to Vent Haven next year with my figures for all to see!!

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2 Responses to Ready For Production!!

  1. Kenny Croes says:

    I sure like this grouchy guy. He should be very popular, Mike.

  2. I hope! We'll have to wait and see! I need people to see this guy more then a grumpy old guy! We need to use our imagination and figure out what else he can be. He could be a doctor, Lawyer, grief counselor, pastor/ priest, customer service at wal mart. What else can we come you with???

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