Ok, Where Have I been?

Ok, so I have been getting a lot of e mails to where I have been and what is going on with the figure building. Well’ it goes something like this, I renovated my kitchen! It was way over do and needed to be done. As you can see a lot of work and trust me, a lot of headaches, but it is now finished!! So now what? You guessed it, “Back to “Figure Making”!!

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3 Responses to Ok, Where Have I been?

  1. Kenny Croes says:

    Nice job! I'm impressed. My domestic repair skills are so bad I 'm not allowed power tools. (Well, I finally got permission to buy a Drenel and drill press for dummy makin'.)

  2. Thank you Kenny! Hard to believe that the entire kitchen is made of Magic Sculpt! ;o) LOL

  3. Jimmy Vee says:

    Hey Mike… looks killer. I'm gonna start that project myself. Great job. You going to Vent Haven?


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