Moving Ahead On The Mouth!!

I have the mouth shaped and fitted into the head and I am working on the teeth now. This all takes a lot of time and this is the reason I usually mold and cast the mouth! It’s a big time saver for future figure making!!

As you can see, a nice tight fit with minimal gaps. Here are a few photos with the mouth open. It gives you an idea of what he might look like with teeth.

If you have noticed there is no tongue in the mouth, well I have decided to put in a stick out tongue! The tongue will be made separately.

Well, back to the teeth! I feel like a dentist! I wish I was paid like one!

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2 Responses to Moving Ahead On The Mouth!!

  1. MontanaDan says:

    Mike, what are you using to make the inside of the mouth, teeth ect.? Looks like White Magic Sculp. Great Job by the way! MontanaDan

  2. Thank you Dan! It is magic sculpt. It has some white paint on the teeth.

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