Installing the Mechanics!! First The Mouth!!

Now we are to the point where the mouth and eyes need to be cut out. You must be careful to cut two parallel lines on each side of the mouth so that when you reinstall the mouth the gaps will be nice and tight! We don’t want wide gaps!

When I make the mouth, I like to build up the mouth with teeth, tongue, Etc and make a mold and cast of the finished mouth. This allows me to make another mouth later if I want to make another head. This saves a lot of time if I do make a second figure.

I cut and glue a piece of thin ply to the mouth and then use brass rod and tubing to make the pivot point.

Here you can see that I have found the pivot point on the mouth. This take time, patience and trial and error.

When I build the mouth, I will reshape the it and try to eliminate any odd or irregular shapes of the mouth so that when the mouth is opened or closed, the mouth will look natural!

As you can see, I am starting to build up the mouth. When finished, it will be shaped, the detail of the teeth, tongue, Etc. will be added and then the mouth will be installed into the head.

After the mouth is finished I will work on installing the eyes, raising eyebrows and I’m still thinking of installing a stick out tongue!! Before I get to ahead of myself, I still have a lot of work to do on the mouth!!

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5 Responses to Installing the Mechanics!! First The Mouth!!

  1. playk2006 says:

    thats pretty enteresting to look an see how you make it;

  2. playk2006 says:

    what kind materal is this figure made of?

  3. Spirit says:

    looks great. Really enjoying the process, thanks for sharing.
    What do you use to cut the mouth and eyes out?

  4. X-acto knives. You can buy a blade that has teeth on it like a hack saw. This blade tends to got good. I tried a cutting wheel on this figure, but will use a x-acto next time.

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