Getting Our Parts In Check!!

Ok, here is where I stand. I have finished sculpting and shaping the mouth and I have sculpted the eyebrows and tongue. These need to have a final sanding and then I will make a mold of each and then cast them. ( The tongue needs a little more shaping. It’s not what I’m looking for yet!)
These photo’s gives us an Idea of what he might look like when the mechanics are installed! Well, off to the mold making and casting process, then the installation of the mechanics!

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5 Responses to Getting Our Parts In Check!!

  1. Kenny Croes says:

    This fella's gonna turn out really well. I admire the work you've done. Looking forward to seeing the completed figure.

  2. Thank you Kenny! Yes a lot of work for the first one, but after all the molds are made you can cut the time in half, if not more for future figures!!!

  3. John says:

    I am happy to see the process…Bravo !

  4. Steve Barry says:


    You do amazing work. I guess I have a sore spot from the attacks a few years ago on ventriloquist central. I just wish we could all accept what the others do as their contribution a very unique field that, thanks to people like yourself and others, is growing in leaps and bounds. If we could do that, we could have our own perfect world. God knows the real one isn't!

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