Finishing the Mold Making Process!!

Here we have to mother mold separated into a front and back half. When the mother mold is taken off the silicone mold is cut with an x-acto knife in half along where the front and back of the mother mold meet.

As you can see the rear half of the silicone mold lines up with the rear half of the mother mold.
You may also note the negative image in the silicone mold.

Perfect fit! The silicone mold fits perfectly into the mother mold!

You would think he would be happy to have the silicone and plaster mother mold off of his face! Well, I guess there is no pleasing some people!
Next we will be working on casting the head!
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One Response to Finishing the Mold Making Process!!

  1. Braylu says:


    Nice work with model and mold. Should turn out to be an interesting character.

    Buzz – Braylu Creations

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