Dunham, Walter & Casey Anthony

Here in Florida we have this crazy court case going on, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s the Casey Anthony murder trial. Well, I think the defense attorney, Jose Baez, is doing such a bad job that he continues to bring up a surprise witness almost each day, from god only knows where, to try and convince the jury that Casey is not the mu…rderer. The prosecution is try to say that Casey killed her daughter with chloroform and/ or putting duct tape over her mouth.

So where does Jeff Dunham and Walter come in? Well, in Jeff’s book, “All by my selves “, Walter is getting mad at Bubba J for of course being Bubba J. At which point Walter asks for some Duct tape so he can put the tape over Bubba’s mouth. Now with that being said, I’m surprised that this Jose Baez hasn’t called Walter to the stand as a possible suspect ! It seems to me that Walter will feel right at home on the stand, as once again, he’ll be surrounded by a bunch of dummies!

Could you imagine if Walter did take the stand? Imagine how Walter would lay into both Jose Baez and Casey Anthony!

Anyhow, just a crazy thought on a seemingly crazy court case!

Mike Palma

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