Casting with Magic Sculpt!

This is how I used to cast my heads. I would then reinforce the head with fiberglass. It made a very strong head, but it is very time consuming.

For someone wanting to make one or two figures/ heads, this is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to cast a head.

For more information on building your own figure you check out my earlier posts and also check out a wonderful book called, “Figure making can be fun” by Mike Brose. Mike has written this great how to book which he sells on his web site

Al Stevens has also written on not only figure making, but mechanical installation which can also be found on Mike’s web site. It is located under the “Fred Project”

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2 Responses to Casting with Magic Sculpt!

  1. Bob Conrad says:

    Great looking figure Mike. I take it that the inner mould is rubber with a backing plaster mould. Is the casting made of Magic-sculpt? I used to work with Plasticwood and Celastic, but neither is available any longer.

    Bob Conrad

  2. Bob, Thank you for your kind words about the figure. It was made of magic sculpt and reinforced with fiberglass. I do not make my figures with magic sculpt anymore. I now use a 2 part urethane resin which is stronger and lighter. The mold is a RTV rubber mold with plaster of paris mother mold. Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Palma

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