Casting the Head!!

Today I have cast the head. I used a two part urethane casting resin that was slush cast in the silicone mold we made earlier.

Here is a photo of the urethane slush cast in the mold. This takes time, patience and several coats!

Here is the cast demolded from the mold. Note all the detail from the mold!

The next part of the project is to cut out the mouth. From there we will build a functional mouth with detailed teeth and tongue and then its time to install the mechanics!!
Stay tuned for my next Blog when we will install a moving mouth, raising eyebrows and maybe a stick out tongue!!

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8 Responses to Casting the Head!!

  1. playk2006 says:

    why is it everyone making mad an sad face puppet i,ve not seen anyone make somo wrestler type figure or like fat albert my son looking for that type he says everyone think figures got be sad mad an trim we all here in illinois like see some of the kind like the chubby vents an anther quastion why they always making boy one instand can they make few girls

  2. That is a good point! I will have to try and make a chubby figure in the near future! Thank you for your input! :o)

  3. Jimmy Vee says:

    A sumo wrestler would be a great vent figure.

  4. Bobbi says:

    Nice! I'm looking for a new dummy, not my husband, even though he did give me a joke to tell at my last show and it was not funny. It's who I call Semore. I've gone through 2 and I'm on my third. Besides from getting very worn and replacing parts over the years he also is heavy. Not because he's gained wait, I'm getting older. I started when I was ten and I'm now 51, which is by the way is a lot younger than it sounds. I don't know if you've talked about weight but I was wondering, how heavy are they?

  5. playk2006 says:

    my grandchildren wanted to know do they make figure for the preteen that aren,t the string behind neck she said like i wounder can,t they make hard figure chubby boy an girl figures an hard baby figure, i my self was looking for one i bought an soft one but there bodys are so flat what do you think? Do you think aNYONE BE MAKLING THOSE KIND IN THE FUTURE, I KNOW ON EBAY THERE VERY FEW FEMALE FIGURE ON THERE I JUST WONDER WHY.

  6. playk2006 says:

    i was wondering if you could tell me why some figure makers put so much black around figures eye lines guess what they call it?

  7. Hi All, My figures weigh anywhere from 3 to 6 lbs. Depends on what they are made from. As far as the dark around the eyes, that is to help to make the eyes stand out more especially from a distance, plus some figures just look better with the dark outline around the eyes. Some figure makers don't do that, but most classic looking figures have the dark around the eyes.

  8. ijuarez13100 says:

    Mike I am making my own figure following your steps. I have everything done except for the urethane resin past part. Where do I purchase that? I have searched online and have found SO many of them. Not sure which one to go with. What did you use for your project?

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