Eye Colors!!

I just popped in the different color eye’s that I have received from Mike Brose. As you can see, Mike Brose makes some wonderful eye’s!!

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Eye have a feeling I’m on to something!!

Just working on a way to install eye’s quickly and with precision each time! This seems to be working nicely!!

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Guess the figure maker!!

Try to guess who the figure maker is for each picture!

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Back From New York, New York!!

Well the family and I just returned from “The City That Never Sleeps” and Brother that is the TRUTH!! There is something always going on, at every miniute of the day, everyday!
The nice thing about New York is that there is so much to see. You can catch a “Yankees” Game go to the theater, grab some great food and visit the different walks of life from up town (Harlem, the upper east side, central park) to time square and then down town (Chinatown, little Italy, the village and ground zero). New York has really changed throughout the years and for the better. The city is still very busy and crowded , but the people are really nice. The stereotype is that New Yorkers are rude, but nothing can be further from the truth.
As you can see I have two teenage boys. If you know teenagers, then you’ll know that if they aren’t having a good time then they will let you know it! As you can see in the photo they are both having a wonderful time, and who wouldn’t eating a pastrami on rye at the Carnagie Deli!!

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Ready For Production!!

Here is Mr. Addison’s head complete and ready to head to the molding and casting room. As you can see t in the pictures, the mouth has been omitted. The mouth will be molded and cast separately.

Mr. Addison will be the second in a small line of figures I will be producing. I’m planning on going to Vent Haven next year with my figures for all to see!!

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In The Works?!?!

Here’s a guy I started working on Some time back, but he was shelved due to other commitments. I have been thinking of finishing him and possibly make him a stock figure. What do you folks think? Is he good enough to be a stock figure?

Let me know!

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Updating an old Favorite!

Sometimes I like to go back and redo a few thing that might improve the looks of my figures. Sometimes it’s just smoothing things out or filling in imperfection. The reason I do this is so when I make a new mold it will make the finishing process easier and faster. As you can see in the pictures, the mouth has been omitted in the head. This allows me to simply cut along the edges of the mouth Area and then the separately cast mouth will slide right in place.

Stay tuned for further progress of this and other figures.

Feel free to e mail me if you have any questions on my figures or figure making at: mpalma1@cfl.rr.com

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Dunham, Walter & Casey Anthony

Here in Florida we have this crazy court case going on, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s the Casey Anthony murder trial. Well, I think the defense attorney, Jose Baez, is doing such a bad job that he continues to bring up a surprise witness almost each day, from god only knows where, to try and convince the jury that Casey is not the mu…rderer. The prosecution is try to say that Casey killed her daughter with chloroform and/ or putting duct tape over her mouth.

So where does Jeff Dunham and Walter come in? Well, in Jeff’s book, “All by my selves “, Walter is getting mad at Bubba J for of course being Bubba J. At which point Walter asks for some Duct tape so he can put the tape over Bubba’s mouth. Now with that being said, I’m surprised that this Jose Baez hasn’t called Walter to the stand as a possible suspect ! It seems to me that Walter will feel right at home on the stand, as once again, he’ll be surrounded by a bunch of dummies!

Could you imagine if Walter did take the stand? Imagine how Walter would lay into both Jose Baez and Casey Anthony!

Anyhow, just a crazy thought on a seemingly crazy court case!

Mike Palma

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If I’m not busy finishing a head, I’m busy sculpting a new head and when I’m not busy sculpting a new head then I’m busy sculpting hands!

I guess you can say I stay busy!
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Tight Fit! No Gaps!

One thing I strive for is a no large gaps in my figures mouth. As you can see in the photo’s a lot of time is spent on trying to achieve a night tight fit with no gaps.

Once the mouth is complete, a mold will be made. Since I have been staying busy building figures for amateur and some pro Vents, the mold will serve to save time on future construction of this particular figure.

If you look close, you can see a little Jerry Mahoney and a little Charlie McCarthy!
This will be one beautiful Classic style figure when completed!

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