All Wigged Out!!

Well, I have just finished wigging the head. I was originally going to use a gray wig, But thought using a darker wig that the character could be more then just a grumpy old guy. With this darker wig, he could still be a grumpy guy, but also a mobster, a bouncer, a wrestler, a baseball umpire, even a really bad marriage counselor! As you can see more then just a grumpy old guy.

Someone’s having a bad hair day!!

It is always amazing to me how a slight movement or movements can change the characters look and personality! Also how these movements make the figure look so life like!!

Ok, Time to give this boy a body!!! My main figure Eddie, was none to pleased when we had to use his body for the photos!

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4 Responses to All Wigged Out!!

  1. MontanaDan says:

    Very Nice Work Mike. That character/figure really looks fantastic.

  2. Thank you Dan! And you keep up your great work! I see such great improvements with each one of your figures!

  3. Bob Conrad says:

    Your work is beautiful, and the neatness on the inside is something to be proud of, great work. Thanks for sharing. I have been following along and got used to seeing him without hair, the hair really changed his appearance.

  4. Thank you Bob for the kind words!I try to keep things neat and easy to work on. Yes, wigs can change the look of the figure. I tried several wigs on this guy and all made him look slightly different. My kids prefer this guy bald, but If I left him bald, I would have had to cover up the trap door. I might do a bald one in the future.

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