A Big Thank You To……..

Well the Project is finished and now it is time to give credit where credit is due! I can honestly say that I could not have made this or any figure without the significant help of three very important people/ artist/ figure makers. These gentleman were always gracious enough to answer any question and help in any way they could!

It is hard to explain in detail what each person has done to help me improve my figure making. I’m sure I have left some of those details out and If I did, please know it is not intentional. I hold the Highest respect for all the men listed below !

The first Gentleman I want to say, “Thank you” to is Conrad Hartz. Conrad was the first person to ever help me with figure making. Even though I don’t carve my figures from wood, Conrad has helped me with important information on Sculpting, Painting and installing the Mechanics of a figure. I have known Conrad for over 10 years and I still am learning so much from him. He is a wealth of information on figure making and continues to help me to this day! I keep telling him he should right a book or make a DVD on figure making! I’m sure they would be best sellers!

The second Gentleman to want to say, “Thank You” to is Bill Nelson. Bill has helped me understand the importance of Character development when sculpting a figure and creating your own style of figures. A style that when seen by other vents, would let them know right away who made that figure. Being different! I was also lucky enough to learn some of Bill’s techniques to improve my painting. Bill does offer an on-line class on painting at http://thatcreativeplace.com/ ,so check it out! I guess the one most important thing I have learned from Bill is the attention to detail! He understands how the muscles of the face work which allows him to sculpt every facial detail from a crows foot, a forehead wrinkle to proper facial proportions. His figures are nothing short of masterpieces!

The third Gentleman I want to say, “Thank You” to in Mike Brose. Mike has helped me understand how to make figures using molds and casts. All the information shown on my blog on making my figure comes from Mike’s book, “Figure Making Can Be Fun”. This book you can order through Mikes Web site http://www.puppetsandprops.com/home.html . Mike also allows figure makers to buy the essentials needed to make and finish a figure such as bodies, hands and eye’s, etc . I have also know Mike for about 10 years and I can’t speak highly enough about him or his wife Cathy! Wonderful People!

“Other people who have helped me along the way”

My good friend Al Stevens has also been a tremendous help not only with figure making, but his great gift for comedy writing! I met Al a little over 10 years ago at a “Central Florida Ventriloquist Meeting” and we seemed to hit it off due to our passion for ventriloquism and figure making. Al, also has a great wealth on knowledge with figure making and there mechanics! Al has made some of his own original figures that are just wonderful. His Uncle Sweeter and Aunt Sally Pickles are just two wonderful characters in which Al performs regularly with.

Even though I have never met or talked with these next two gentleman, great thanks goes out to them for providing a great manuscript on figure making. The first is Ray Gyull. Ray’s book, “How To Make Your Own Ventriloquist Figure” was the first book I bought that sent me on my way to figure making! This book is still available at Ventriloquistcentral.com.

The second is gentleman is Joel Leder. Joel wrote a wonderful Five Volume book on figure making with photo illustrations. These books are not available at this time, but maybe Joel will reprint them one day. If he does reprint these books, you better get them and fast!!

I am sure I am leaving some people out (Unintentionally)and I truly apologize!

Once again to all of you, who at have helped me out at one time or another I just want to say…….


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